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Family Based Childcare with Home Cooked Food..

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Click The PDF Logo below to download and see our 3 week rolling menu

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I follow the Healthy Eating Programme and source all my produce locally whenever possible. I cook from scratch and we rarely have unhealthy food. I am pleased to say that I scored 5 with my food inspection. The children are also directly involved with the menu's, and contribute ideas which leads to menu's being revised regularly - see below for our latest menu.

As part of the healthy eating programme I have joined forces with a local cookery school for children. I am very lucky as they come to our premises each holiday for teaching sessions with all the children as everyone is included in the experience. The sessions are proving to be a huge hit with the children! Feel free to ask for more information regarding this extra service :-)

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Nurture Child Day Care - Jayne Middleton

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